Writer’s Block….Already!?

Confession: I never wanted to start this blog! Like I said in my first post, I am only doing this because I felt that God wanted me to write. So, I am trying to be obedient; it’s a constant struggle!

My intention is to produce at least one post per week – maybe two. Already, I am finding myself struggling to write. I guess I have what one would call “writer’s block.” This doesn’t make any sense because I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my mind about faith and sexuality. Likewise, I have many experiences with this topic that I desire to share with others so that they see that they are not alone.

So, what is stopping me? I think I have an idea… I fear conflict! I absolutely hate it! You will not find me engaging in debates on Facebook, comment sections, or even in person. I try to avoid them whenever I can. I know, I know…I am working on this! I guess I don’t like how these debates usually reduce down to both sides talking past each other and being ugly. I honestly don’t see the point!

And my blog is focused on a topic that brings out the worst in people! I have dear friends who embrace a traditional Christian sexual ethic, as well as dear friends who embrace a more “progressive” Christian sexual ethic. (Note: I don’t necessarily like the terms ‘traditional’ and ‘progressive,’ but they are the two words used in this debate to address views from both camps.) I don’t want to offend either side, but I know I will do this in my blog. I feel that both sides are guilty of talking past the ‘other’ and acting horribly. As a result, dialogue that could be productive is reduced down to mud-slinging, and we just repeat the cycle over and over again.

Frankly, I am tired of it! I have met too many people who feel caught in the middle of this issue and feel hopeless. Where are the voices for them?

So, I will write and be a voice for these beautiful people! I will offend both sides, but I feel that the conflict will be worth it for those who feel voiceless.

You are loved!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block….Already!?

  1. Christy, I thought you might want to check out this guy’s blog. He is a Mormon and he is married with children, but he is gay.
    I found it very interesting.

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