So, do you think homosexuality is a sin?


So, do you think homosexuality is a sin?

After hearing my story, this is the first thing that most people ask me. Not “thank you for sharing” or other things you would normally want to hear after speaking. Instead, he/she wants to immediately know my stance on homosexuality. Forget that I just bore my soul about the personal hell of reconciling my faith and sexual orientation. It’s like one cannot validate my experiences unless our Scriptural interpretations agree with each other.

I often wonder about the motivation behind such a question.

If I say “yes, I believe homosexuality is a sin,” would you be among those who would stop reading my blog posts. Likewise, if I say “no, I believe homosexuality is not sin,” would you automatically dismiss everything else I will say or write?

Each time I’m asked this, I know that more than likely I will offend people if I answer honestly. And I don’t like it when I know someone is mad at me. I tend to be somewhat of a people pleaser. I don’t like this about me, but I’m working on it!

So, it is with trembling hands that I will answer this question as honestly as I can. Trembling because I can be denied job opportunities and lose relationships as a result of this post. Also, I risk being bombarded with people (from both sides) sending me Scripture verses and trying to “help” me find the truth. Although I appreciate the sentiment, please know it isn’t necessary. I know these particular verses forwards, backwards, in context, and in their original languages (Hebrew and Greek). I know all the different arguments from both viewpoints. Trust me…I have spent much time thinking about this!

So, here goes:

Do I believe homosexuality is sin?

At this stage in my Christian faith journey, I can only answer, “I don’t know.”

Once, I thought I knew without a doubt that it isn’t God‘s will to be gay. Eager for answers as a young Christian, I devoured all the “ex-gay” books I could find. Everything I read in them coincided with the things I had been taught in my evangelical upbringing. So, I found it easy to adopt “homosexuality as sin” without even considering other views. In all honesty, I feared questioning these beliefs. I already thought that God was disgusted with me because I wasn’t ‘normal.’ Maybe God would let me enter heaven if he saw that I proclaimed it as sin. (Yes, I really had this thought!)

Today, I’m not in this same place of belief. Because my faith in Jesus Christ is solid, I’m no longer afraid to question long-held convictions.  And no, I am not throwing out the Bible. I love Scripture, and I do my best to meditate on it every day. As I have studied the history of Christianity, I noticed that the Bible has been used repeatedly to justify slavery and the subjugation of women. You may say that these two issues are different from homosexuality; however, I’m not so sure about that! You may say that it is so plain in the Bible what God thinks about homosexuality, but this same argument was used with the slavery and women issues. Godly people from both sides have come up with different interpretations. This is why it isn’t so black and white for me!

So, I am on a journey to answer this question for myself. I wake up every day with the prayer that God will not let me be deceived and that I am open to whichever answer. And you know what? This is ok! I am no longer afraid that God is disappointed in me, and I know He is with me as I walk this journey. I live with more joy than I have ever lived, resting in God’s everlasting love.

If you are someone who is currently on this same journey, please know that you are not alone. My email is, and I am more than happy to talk with you and encourage you.

18 thoughts on “So, do you think homosexuality is a sin?

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  2. Christy, I love you girl praying for your journey!! Only we can live out our own lives and only God, through his word reveals his “truth” for us even when it comes to sexuality. I’m so proud of you lady!!!

  3. Christy, I am on a very similar journey too. I understand being raised one way and having to discover your own understanding of what the Bible says. I’m 44 years old, out since I was 19, yet still struggling with the same question “is homosexuality a sin?” In fact, my estranged sister keeps trying to tell me that it is and won’t have a relationship with me because of my continued sinning. Long story aside, I will pray for you if you will pray for me!

  4. You don’t know? Congratulations! America does not know, right now. Not knowing is better than “Knowing” something wrong. There may be an answer which is right for you and not for others.

    And, yes, when I started reading this I had one or two arguments ready prepared.

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  6. Christy, what I enjoy about this entry is that what you see as central is relationship, active engagement with God. Right relationship or righteousness is not figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong and conforming to standards. Instead it is leaning into the mystery that is present this day, and asking who am I before and with this presence? That is faith indeed!

  7. Being in a place of questioning is EXCELLENT. It is what brought me to full time advocacy. It sure was uncomfortable as people labeled me and wanted to STRONGLY push me to decide/declare what I KNEW to be true.
    Take it as it comes and never be afraid to say ‘i do not know”. The key for me has alwys been relationship with LGBT Christians. They have expanded my life to one of grace and compassion — two Jesus traits.

  8. 🙂 It’s hard being grilled after sharing your story. I’m really happy about your post. Thank you for sharing.
    And a comment about the part you do not like about yourself. I think all to often people try to hard to please people. But I am on the other end, I don’t care. I think there is a happy medium somewhere, but not caring about what people think, whether they will like you if you did more things for them… I don’t know it’s freeing, but at the sametime, life becomes about you and only you. So good luck changing the part you don’t like, for me I selected only a few people to care what they thought and always help them even if I didn’t want to…
    Anyway, I wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy reading your posts.

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