Bored Out of My Mind!!!!!

“Don’t you just hate when someone starts a blog and writes maybe once every 6 months!”

Before I began writing, I probably said this a few dozen times. It seems like everyone and their moms have a blog. And most are abandoned quickly. This is one of the reasons I didn’t want to start my own. Here were my thoughts about it: would I be able to regularly write, would anything I wrote make sense, would anyone care, and do I want this stress.

I decided to just go for it!

Sure, I would be able to continually find something to share. I have lots of stories concerning my journey of faith and sexual orientation.  And if no one cares, then so be it.

At first, I eagerly began writing and publishing several posts. Many of them have been well-received, and there have been actual people sharing that these stories have touched their lives. Things were going well, so I decided to map out an outline of the various topics I wanted to share. My plan was set! There was no way I was going to be one of those people who barely wrote. Right?

Wrong! Ever since outlining a schedule and topics, I have not followed through with it. In fact, I dread writing posts now. I’d rather watch television!

So, I thought about my reluctance.

  1. Do I have plenty to write about?    Yes
  2. Are my posts being read and well-received?   Yes
  3. Am I lazy? Just a little
  4. Am I bored?  Yes

Ding, ding, ding! I have the answer. I am bored out of my mind! You see…I am a Christian who has a lesbian sexual orientation, but that isn’t all there is to my identity or my life.  In fact, I don’t wake up every morning and think, “Yep, I’m gay.” It hardly enters my thoughts. It’s not something I put on each morning like a pair of socks. It’s just a facet of my identity.

There are many parts to my identity. Here are just a few: Christian, Caucasian, American, woman, sister, daughter, lesbian, etc. Hopefully, you get the point! Although all of these parts make up me, there is one overarching facet.

 I am a child of God…a follower of Christ…a new creation. It’s my primary identity!


I write this because there are so many other details to my Christian faith journey. Yes, I experience this world and faith through the lens of a sexual minority, but it’s not all I experience. Sometimes, I just want to write about what God is teaching me through Scripture and prayer, among other things. I love to laugh! My favorite television shows as a teen were Mad TV and SNL. My favorite actor is Will Ferrell, and I absolutely love the scene in which he prays to baby Jesus. I laugh every time I see it! Sometimes, I just want to write about the hilarious things that have happened to me…some have to do with sexual orientation, some do not. Not every experience of my faith and sexual orientation has been negative! I have had some good and funny times, also.

Anyways, I have decided that I don’t have think up lessons to go with my past experiences of faith and sexuality in order to write a blog post. Yes, I will still have those. However, I will also write about other things!

So, what I am really trying to convey:

I desire that this blog be more of a sharing of who I am and what life really looks like – as a gay Christian, yes, but just as a person as well.

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