New Year, New Opportunities!

Hey Everyone! I hope the New Year has started off great for you!

December was a difficult month for me, and I found myself battling depression the entire time. Falling asleep at night eluded me and waking up each morning so that I could go to work proved to be a chore. Honestly, there were a few days I did not get out of bed. My body ached all over because depression physically hurts. Knowing of my tendency to isolate during those times, I told a few friends so that they could pray for me and keep me accountable in fulfilling my daily tasks. I meticulously scheduled my day from the moment I awoke until the moment my head hit my pillow so that I would not stay in bed all day.

Thankfully, this dark cloud has lifted, and the new year has brought new beginnings. Professionally, new opportunities have been presented to me, and I have never been more excited at what the future may hold. One such opportunity includes writing and submitting an article for publication about Christians who are in the agonizing midst of reconciling their faith and sexual orientation. Taking this step is a major milestone for me. Hopefully, it will be accepted! I will keep you posted.

This week I will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to co-lead a Breakout session at the Gay Christian Network (GCN) national conference for the first time.

The title of the presentation is Christian Civility: Fruitful Interactions with ‘Haters’. Here is the description of the session:

“Faithful Christians are called to love even their haters, but few of us know how to even begin this process. As Christians, we can go about extending Christ’s missional love, even towards those who have been hurtful and unkind in our social circles, families, and faith environments, while still setting boundaries that protect us from abuse. The purpose of this workshop is to teach, empower, and equip folks to deal with ‘haters’ in a way that is faithful to the gospel, protecting boundaries and restoring dignity and civility back into conversations that are typically hurtful, divisive, and volatile. Discussion will center around how and why to engage church leaders, family members, friends, and other loved ones in fruitful conversation.”

I’m nervous but really excited about this wonderful opportunity.

Be on the lookout for my thoughts about the conference when I return.


One thought on “New Year, New Opportunities!

  1. Christy As always, great blog post! You can really pull a reader into your world.

    Just a word of warning regarding.GCN, if I may. It has a mixed concept that can cause you a lot of confusion, and you might lose your newly found peace as a gay Christian – especially in case you are dreaming to one day find the love of your life. Many of the GCN members belong to the so called B group, who actually do represent an anti-gay stance. They don’t define it so, but in content they embrace the orthodox Christian views. They do preach against the idea of “practising” gay Christians, which view all boils down denying the very meaning of being gay and what remains is the well-known gay-bashing “Christian” view. If you have the strength to face that challenge, then of course it’s all cool.

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