If my kid turns out gay, he/she will no longer be welcome in my home!


I just don’t understand why anyone would want to kick out their child.

The same child you waited for as she formed in the womb. The same child you snuggled and kissed the first time you held him. The same child you stared at as she slept peacefully in her crib. The same child who kept you from sleeping consecutive hours. The same child who melted your heart as he said ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ for the first time. The same child you hugged and kissed when she fell down and scraped her knee. The same child you loved with all your heart.

I’ve heard too many stories of LGBTQ youth who were kicked out of their homes for being LGBTQ. I have held too many hands of these beautiful people who cry as they tell me that they just want their parents to love them again. The pain is unbearable.

So, why do you choose to do this? Do you feel that you are providing tough love? Do you feel as if you are saving their soul? Has your church or religion made you think that this is the best way?

Please help me understand!

I don’t have children of my own, but my niece and nephews are just like my own. As I spent time with them during Christmas, I thought about this very issue. I realized that there is nothing that they could do to make me stop loving them. There is nothing that they could do to others or me that would make me stop loving them, even murder. There is nothing they could be to make me stop loving them.

I have to believe that you love your child. If you find out that he/she is LGBTQ, please reconsider if you have thought about kicking them out. Just love them because that’s the same child you have loved all his/her life. Just love them because they breathe.

If you need help or need someone to talk to about your child, there are many wonderful resources.

Just Because He Breathes


The Christian Closet – Parent Resource

Article by Founder of Christian Closet

TransYouth – Family

Faith In America – Family Resources

KidsPeace Institute

and many, many more!

This is a more common experience than you would think. I have seen it with my own eyes… homeless LGBTQ youth sitting together as a group on a street in Chicago, praying with a young man who was kicked out when his parents found out he is gay, etc, etc. I could go on with these stories. I have seen the tears pour from too many faces.

Please. I beg you… don’t discard your child!

4 thoughts on “If my kid turns out gay, he/she will no longer be welcome in my home!

  1. It really strikes me to know that a majority of homeless youth are kicked out for being gay. Until recently, I thought that was a statistic just for LA, but it’s everywhere. It’s sad. Also, I shared that video with my pastor at church, and he said that it was very powerful. They were starting a homeless youth outreach, and they were unaware that the majority were LGBT.

  2. Thank you. Thanks for your words and the link to the article “Just Because He Breathes”. As a mother of a young boy I am so moved and challenged. It really is crazy how blinded we (admittedly myself and many I know) are when it comes to this issue. It is totally over the top! The institution of the church and we the church – Christians of all walks – need to get over this obsession and deal with some other deadly sins – pride, fear, greed, selfishness – the list could go on and on. Bless you for who you are and the way your life touches and blesses so many others. Forgive me for my fear. God grant me grace.

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