LGBTQ in Obion County – Joey


Joey Glover, 35, Gay

What is it like for you to live in a rural community? Not easy because when I came out in 1998 my family and I were ridiculed over me. And I was threatened and beat up to point we had to move into the country. I could go on for days about what all people have done to me and every so often still do. As time has passed and the ages progressed things have gotten easier

What do you love best about the area? I’ve lived in Chicago, Nashville, south Bend, Indiana and several other big cities, but my roots are here and I just love my home. All people here aren’t bigots. And I love the country  as my partner of 9 years Amos loves also……….

What would you like for local residents to know about the LGBTQ community? All I can say what I want people to know is that we are people just like them and their kids. We aren’t child molesters and bad people, but people who just want to be treated normal and with respect like everyone else is. We are normal. We didn’t choose to be Gay. I would have never picked the hardest lifestyle to live. I’ve known  from the time of a little child even though I confused people because I lived a lie to appease my parents and classmates and friends til I couldn’t do anymore. Coming out to my family was the best thing I ever did even though I know several who were abandoned by family because of it. When people ask me how did I know I was Gay, I tell them how did you know you liked a guy or a girl. They say I just do. That’s the way it is. Well, that’s same answer I have ……..

What advice would you give to those in the area who may feel alone? You are never alone. There are people out here who love and care. Even at your darkest points you just have to trust in yourself and live your authentic self no matter what. Life is too short and we really are in the last days of man and you need to live life to the fullest. Material things and stature doesn’t matter in this fictitious world we live in. You, be you and as long as you are happy, sorry for the language “FUCK THEM”

Photo/Essay project highlighting the LGBTQ and Ally Community in Obion County (a rural area in TN). Some participants still live in the area, while others have moved away after growing up there.